When The Going Gets Tough, I Bite.

I am not really the kind of person who bullies anyone. I don’t attack people just because they make me mad.

Or eat their noose boogie. Or fart and find it funny.

I attack when they eye my chicken legs.

I’m quite the peaceful tolerant person. And that totally doesn’t work in kindergarten. Or nursery. Or school. Or college. Or camp night.

My tryst with the painful experience of being bludgeoned happened during nursery.

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Word A Mouth, No Load On Head.

We all speak crap from time to time.

Crappy jokes.
Crappy comments.
Amazing sarcastic comments which aren’t understood by anyone and hence turn crappy.

But, the crappiest ones are the ones which give you a gag reflex worse than a shot of Castor oil would.

You wish you could make them go mute, turn the words back, maybe shut your ears


punch ’em in the face hard enough for it to turn inside out (whose crap-talking now, bitch!)

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Those Weird Awkward Moments

Now maybe not everyone is going to agree with me on this(of course those lucky and relieved ones!), especially not au courant time but for me and many around me it is as nail-bitingly awkward to have a sex-discussion with my parents as nervously awkward hocking a loogie whilst talking to my crush is(and of course embarrassing). It’s as if you never know what to say next. It could make the situation more perplexing than it is. It could turn into an event(horrific moment) where things start to turn against you and your secrets start amping out(you don’t do sex discussions with your parents, hell ya you know what secrets I’m talking about!).Or maybe worse. For me, on the other hand, it was a moment of awkward silence followed by a kiddie giggle(mind you that wasn’t me).

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