Girls, Are Biased

Yeah. It’s a confession.

(Malodorous, shaggy guy, half-drooling after seeing a pretty girl)
Smelly guy: You look beautiful.
Irked out girl: Get lost! you moron!

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‘Re’-public ‘Re’-visited

I love Republic day. Its the most patriotic time of the year. Most patriotic because unlike Independence day, no flags are expelled into drains and around garbage cans(Its India, things do not fall inside the garbage cans. If it does, its just a lucky shot) which were once swayed into the pride-filled air at daybreak.

I love how the society turns on loud music on the one day when I get a break from my drudging monotonous college which starts at the crack-of-dawn(For someone who gets up at 11 in the morning, 8 is the dawn).

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Involuntary Muscles

Knowing my onions about sleep, I can say that waking up from it always makes me fight through the pain. If waking up wasn’t bad enough there is walking away from the bed which is a herculean task! To rid myself of any sleepiness or grogginess there is always the good ol’ newspaper. From political indiscretions to theft to every thing that happens around the world almost everyday and which gradually seems to border upon like a regular schedule like brushing or bathing(may not be regular under specific circumstances), somehow the journalists always manage to make them sound brand new.

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