Brutal Hands, Dead Soul

Empty streets, gone is the blue as I walk alone following my shadow. A little fear because no one is near and I am walking all alone.

One body, one shadow, why do I feel there are more?

I turn around, to the light cadence of footsteps but no one is near.

Am I just paranoid because I am alone or is this a warning for the storm that anticipates some danger?

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Involuntary Muscles

Knowing my onions about sleep, I can say that waking up from it always makes me fight through the pain. If waking up wasn’t bad enough there is walking away from the bed which is a herculean task! To rid myself of any sleepiness or grogginess there is always the good ol’ newspaper. From political indiscretions to theft to every thing that happens around the world almost everyday and which gradually seems to border upon like a regular schedule like brushing or bathing(may not be regular under specific circumstances), somehow the journalists always manage to make them sound brand new.

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