It’s All About Perspective

Ok. I admit. I’m a little late on this. But am to blame for partying? After all, India did win its World cup after 28 long years!

Why am I writing about this now? Well, in the past few days(and while the “war” was still on), there were many comments regarding how crazy India is towards cricket.

Almost as crazy as a guy is for a hot girl in a hot dress(yea, 36-24-36).

But, while stating so we forget that not just India but many other countries all around the world go frenzy when it comes to a certain sport. It’s almost like a war!

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‘Re’-public ‘Re’-visited

I love Republic day. Its the most patriotic time of the year. Most patriotic because unlike Independence day, no flags are expelled into drains and around garbage cans(Its India, things do not fall inside the garbage cans. If it does, its just a lucky shot) which were once swayed into the pride-filled air at daybreak.

I love how the society turns on loud music on the one day when I get a break from my drudging monotonous college which starts at the crack-of-dawn(For someone who gets up at 11 in the morning, 8 is the dawn).

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