When The Going Gets Tough, I Bite.

I am not really the kind of person who bullies anyone. I don’t attack people just because they make me mad.

Or eat their noose boogie. Or fart and find it funny.

I attack when they eye my chicken legs.

I’m quite the peaceful tolerant person. And that totally doesn’t work in kindergarten. Or nursery. Or school. Or college. Or camp night.

My tryst with the painful experience of being bludgeoned happened during nursery.

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Tame Those Talons

It’s been more than a month that we had a sleepover.

So this time we are all ecstatic with joy to be “spending the night” together.
So as we are on each other (now now, ease on imagination) fighting, pushing and of course “pillow-fighting”,¬†one my friend’s nails scratched, dug and uprooted the scales of my skin.Which brings me to think about, what purpose exactly do long nails serve? Read more