I have always been better at expressing myself through written words as opposed to spoken words. There is something I find magical about penning down my thoughts.

Especially when I write fiction. The story takes life in my mind and forms a world as real as the one we live in. I also randomly like to think about the world and our existence, you know, those shower deep thoughts moments alike.

I could go on about my feelings towards writing, as I write. This blog is an outlet for inner emotions, funny stories (I try hard so please laugh, pretty please!) and other rants based on how emotional I feel to pen them down.

I have voluntarily chosen to remain anonymous and express parts of my identity through my posts. In my honest opinion, it’s the perfect depiction of how I am in my physical world, expressive yet a closed book. Hope you enjoy 🙂

P.S: Write in to me at psychopneuma@gmail.com



  1. kunalchichkar · March 27, 2011

    Welcome to wordpress.. its the best blogging site.. far better than blogger.. but blogger coming up with new release soon this year and will have much more new features and complete new outlook.. Having said that, wordpress will always be my first love.
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    Keep blogging…


  2. Air Cooled Underware · December 29, 2013

    Your blog was the first result when I BINGED Curiosity Disorder! I hope you cam back and write some more.


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