Are you voiceless ’cause you are quiet?

It has been a long time since I lasted posted something on my blog. Like many seasonal bloggers, I too felt like starting a new blog instead of making a comeback post here. After reminiscing all the posts I have written on this blog, and feeling coeval with the stuff I have written in the past, I did not have the courage to abandon this part of my online presence and start a new one. So here I am, back from the blogging dead!

A lot of bloggers take a hiatus for other commitments in life that take higher priority. I could say I was in the same situation but then I would be lying. No doubt I had a lot going on in these 6 years (six? Whoa!), but, I have always had a flaky relationship with social media and the internet. It’s not like I am a technology hater, I am a software programmer for god sakes! but I never had a deep commitment towards social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I recently deleted Instagram from my phone because I had been wasting too much time browsing through pictures of people I have probably not met in years now. I have seldom let technology take over my real life and hence do not understand it when people blame technology for the miseries of their physical life. But that’s a rant for another day.

Mostly, I kept my distance from social media due my personal disinterest in being an open book. I have been many things in my life; weird, goofy, humorous, outgoing and even a partier, but never an open book. I have never been eager or even comfortable talking about my personal fears and relationships and especially relationships with even my friends. Of course, whenever I sought help or advice I have discussed the concerned issue or doubt with a close friend, but never have I taken pleasure in describing general ongoings of my personal life to anyone; unless there was a funny or weird story which could have been a humorous bit in a conversation.

This blog has been my chance to speak my mind without attaching a face to it. It’s not because I am scared that my matter will be ill received or because I fear being judged, but my personal opinion is that, without a face, without a race, without a color and without any gender, my content is judged for what it is. Biases if any, are fewer than they would be had the reader known who I am and what I look like. I am aware that my writing is, in fact, an extension of my personality and that trying to luxate the two would be like detaching a fingerprint from a person. But an opinion of a faceless person’s words vs one with a face would possibly be received differently even if the words were same. Time and again, however, I use my personal Facebook profile to express opinions that I find crucial to stand for. At times, I have witnessed some extreme views of my fellow friends on Facebook. Some of these views made me think better of why are they still on my list. I even ended up ‘un-friending’ some, especially those who would quote the bible to support their homophobic retorts. In a quiet move, I chose to defy their thoughts. I made this move on social media because I personally don’t believe that extreme or crucial views of life can be altered via social media. Yes, it can play a part, a stepping stone to something that is much bigger and is happening in the real world or a platform to educate the masses about something that is happening in the real world, but definitely not a platform for something real to invigorate. In my own life, at some point or the other, real life took over my online commitments, and I have rather been quite comfortable with this on again off again relationship with social media.

A lot of people of my generation (the 90s y’all!) and this one have a lot to say. We have a lot of thoughts that we want to share with the world. I do love that technology makes this easy to do this and, for people to find other like-minded people and connect. But more often than not, what really ends up happening is a lot of people just ranting on their own profiles, statuses, commenting their own views on other people’s statuses and trying to make their own point and then there are those who love to read all the said drama (me me me). On the other hand, there are those who use social media for all the right reasons; promoting their volunteer work to attract more volunteers and publicize the NGO for donations, promoting a cause that may help the environment/ society. The latter makes technology a boon and the former, a bane. This reminds me of all those boon vs bane essays I have written back in school, which usually used to lead to a closing line of, it’s up to mankind how to use it, as a boon or a bane. I think this is the aptest line that should go down as a quote.

Actions can definitely be louder than words. In today’s times what’s important to know is, who’s listening. Because if everybody is talking, you might as well take a leave, because when everybody is talking and everybody wants their own ideas to be heard and accepted, whether you talk or not won’t make a difference. Unless you scream. So hit those caps lock on the next time you want to make some noise on social media.

(To be totally honest, I don’t know if I will be very regular on my blog. But, I have always loved writing and I hate that life got in the way of doing that. Among all my online destinations, this blog has been important from which I accidentally on purpose ended up cutting ties for quite some time. Writing is therapeutic for me and writing entertaining bits make my day. While doing this if I have touched, entertained or led any readers to introspection, I hope that I can keep that up with what I write in the future.)


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