When The Going Gets Tough, I Bite.

I am not really the kind of person who bullies anyone. I don’t attack people just because they make me mad.

Or eat their noose boogie. Or fart and find it funny.

I attack when they eye my chicken legs.

I’m quite the peaceful tolerant person. And that totally doesn’t work in kindergarten. Or nursery. Or school. Or college. Or camp night.

My tryst with the painful experience of being bludgeoned happened during nursery.

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Wishing Continuum(55er)

Even tide under moonlight, the car wheels on the asphalt passing by the street signs.

She leans on and kisses him, her eyes glistening when he kisses back.

She whispers, “Wish I could freeze this moment forever”.

LuminanceĀ strengthens, blaring sounds of horn increases and the car comes to a clamoring halt.

Under the truck.