It’s All About Perspective

Ok. I admit. I’m a little late on this. But am to blame for partying? After all, India did win its World cup after 28 long years!

Why am I writing about this now? Well, in the past few days(and while the “war” was still on), there were many comments regarding how crazy India is towards cricket.

Almost as crazy as a guy is for a hot girl in a hot dress(yea, 36-24-36).

But, while stating so we forget that not just India but many other countries all around the world go frenzy when it comes to a certain sport. It’s almost like a war!

And isn’t it? The feeling that we as viewers get, the feeling that we as an Indian get when our beloved players(beloved when they win and moronic when they lose) shine our country through its wins.

Everyone loves to feel it. Since we cannot play to feel it(‘Cause we thought a 9-5 job would earn us more O.o) so we watch to possess those vibes of success and victory. We watch the best of our country, the soldiers of our pride play it out and “fight” it out on the field!

It is this feeling that attracts almost every Indian towards cricket during World cup, me included. I would probably(read: most definitely) give a miss to the IPL league but I did religiously follow every match of the World cup. After all, why would I leave out the chance to feel proud of my country every time she wins.

But why the vexation with making cricket synonymous with war?

Personally, I would simply love it if war was all about playing cricket between two countries.

Yes, the adrenaline rush and the curses hurdled whilst the game is on may seem a little too much considering it is just a game, but can it be forgotten that it is a game between two countries fighting it out to prove that one is better than the other.

Often argued about the reason behind the obsession with this game which in no way is a life-changing event to the common man, not even remotely, Cricket is blamed for it being regarded as one of the consequences of being the maker or breaker of our country’s ego and reputation.

But why complain and rant about the only event(other than Independence day) which brings together every soul irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Where each one calls him/herself an Indian in its true and pure sense and is ready to sit next to anyone and cheer for his/her country as long as that person is nothing more but all Indian.

There have been many pleads about letting cricket win. Hasn’t it won already? Hasn’t it won in uniting our country fellows even if it is only for one day?

Why let cricket be just a game when it can do so much in bringing people abundantly close and feel belonged sans all the tags of religions and boundaries?

It’s called as the gentleman’s game and seldom has that been proved wrong.

In the end, it’s all about perspective.

To see it is a game.

Or to see it as a reason to make every Indian, only Indian and completely Indian.



  1. Angry Ganu · April 6, 2011

    Wonder if cricket is still a gentleman’s game with the sledging tactics that many teams employ.

    Also the match fixing and betting that goes on in the game.

    Of course there are still exceptional players like Sachin who are true gentlemen of the game.


    • psychopneuma · April 6, 2011

      Well mostly that quote was regarding the manners maintained on field. But yeah, how far away can you keep this sport from corruption and politics when these two have touched(groped and raped) every other aspect of life!


    • Kunal · April 7, 2011

      Cricket is definitely not a gentleman’s game.. Mahela (Jaywardene) was playing it till the end 🙂


  2. Anurag · April 7, 2011

    it was never a discussion on whether cricket is a gentleman’s game or not and why only blame cricket. there are many other sports much more popular like football which are definitely not a gentleman’s game but still people love them.

    be it or not but it still unites the country and that is what is important.


  3. Prajakta · April 7, 2011

    It’s probably the only time that India stays true to its secular status.


    • psychopneuma · April 7, 2011

      Bulls eye! Exactly my point!


      • xylene · April 11, 2011

        Right. Can’t agree more. I am no cricket fan. But did watch the finals.


  4. Pheno Menon · April 7, 2011

    Well yeah everything changes. Gentlemen become rougues sometimes but only one among them has kept his quality and attitude and is the most gentlemen of all in and off the field. I dont have to tell who. He is already known as God 🙂


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