Take Care, I’m Scarred

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

With open hearts come open thoughts, open thoughts bring out the vulnerability and that brings hurt, wounds and scars.

Scars stay.

The more damaging the hurt, the worse are the wounds and more abysmal the scars.

All I did was give you a friendly smile hoping or maybe not that you would return me one and when you did, you got me elated. The sunshine for my life that you were or rather you made me feel that you were had me feeling like I was an artist and the world was my canvas.

I was hoping you would know, that I’m wounded all over with scars of my past and acid remains on my heart.

You did with all your clairvoyance and pulled me over to you like a trick of telekinesis.

But then, it took me all but eternity to realize that I was none but just a leisure. Maybe a little more for your own selfish reasons.

Sweaty palms. Weak knees. Butterflies in tummies. Do you remember? That’s what you told me about how you feel when our eyes meet.

You said I was a book well encrypted waiting do be decoded and that you would have me and me only for rest of your eternity. Maybe figuratively.

Are you aware for why you did steal away all that happiness you gave me one day and every day? And leave me all scarred once again.

This time it’s different,  ’cause you neither just broke my trust nor inflame my heart but rather branded my soul with the worst ever hole.

‘Cause many came and many damaged, the heart that was once all open, but you broke in, without the least warning through the closed doors that bore very well the sign of no trespassing.

Why did you linger? Go off like that. Why do you now stand there all smug. Do you wait to see me whimper in pain?

Take care, I’m scarred. Worse than ever.

Take care, not of me, but yourself. Did I tell you that I’m scarred all over?

I have not much to lose. But do you too? I don’t think so.

Wait right there. It’s a new day. You’re the same. But I’m pained.

You think that’s bad? But I’m more strengthened. You’ll see in time the sweet secret revenge of mine. No one will know except you of what I did to you.

It will be a price you will pay for the pain that I bear all because of you.

A new day will start and I still will be pained all over, but it will be a little different ’cause there will be a little smile of vengeance painted in the corner.



  1. kunalchichkar · March 29, 2011

    You have played with words effortlessly… But didnt like the thought of vengeance in love.. Love only knows to forgive and is pure…


    • psychopneuma · March 29, 2011

      Hmmmm, did you notice that I haven’t mentioned love anywhere but trust only. =) I do agree with you on the love part though.


      • Kunal · March 31, 2011

        Agree, more than love trust matters a lot. 🙂


      • Kunal · March 31, 2011

        Did you delete your latest post “Politically correct” ? Good to see you writing more.. How did you get time today to write when India and Pakistan were playing? 😛


        • psychopneuma · March 31, 2011

          no, I didn’t delete the post, a very stupid mistake of accidental posting of a draft. No way could I write during the match!(although, I could have used the amount of time yuvraj took 4 batting. It was so long!)


          • Kunal · March 31, 2011

            lol.. I drove 200 miles to my friend’s place to watch the match.. no need to tell that I had taken a holiday yest.. and now again on sat I have to drive that distance.. cricket just makes you crazy..


  2. Anurag · March 30, 2011

    u wrote dat urself man… tooo good re
    u got all emotional in this haan 😛


  3. Anagha Rumade · March 30, 2011

    Loved it…..especially the end part….


  4. sudhan from callezee · April 5, 2011

    I like your writings very much.


  5. Sari · May 17, 2012

    Reminded me of the song Rolling in the deep by Adele


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