Girls, Are Biased

Yeah. It’s a confession.

(Malodorous, shaggy guy, half-drooling after seeing a pretty girl)
Smelly guy: You look beautiful.
Irked out girl: Get lost! you moron!

(Cute/hot guy. Hot clothes on hot bod ooo la la)
Hot guy: You look pretty in that dress.
Bewitched girl(OMG!): less talk more kiss!
Now, before you get all finger-pointy-ha ha on me, give it a thought. Would you be welcoming or willing to be cordial with someone who is in a shape worse than a chicken-pox ridden or a jaundice ridden patient?
Of course, I never mentioned that the ‘straight-out-of-ed,edd and eddy neighborhood’ guy looks less cute or more ugly, but it is difficult to look past a repulsive exterior.
Presentation counts.
Mind you, this whole situation applies to guys too. They wouldn’t want to approach a girl who isn’t well dressed or well groomed(Now boobs, is an altogether different situation/aspect).
But, that doesn’t mean that you get all groomed up and go Johnny Bravo on girls and expect them to be impressed. But a little bit of hair combing(ok, finger combing), a little bit of nail cutting really does go a long way.
A shabby guy in my college has a severe case of ill-maintained feet. Even worse than the bunion ridden ones of Posh! It’s not like there is any need for pedicure treatments but just cutting the nails would do the job too. It isn’t everything that is needed to pull off an impressive personality, but makes it somewhat easier.
After all what are the chances that you would get a job pulling off a sloppy look no matter how intelligent you are?
Although, it could work in our Mumbai trains where maybe people would give you a breathable space when you’re all smelly hair and yucky clothes. But then again, they might not and while you’re stuck in the worst possible travelling vehicle, you have to tolerate your own stink and of course of those around you.(Its like a thousand people in a room, even if you do open the windows, how the hell is air suppose to enter!)
So suit up ’cause don’t you still believe that beauty would fall for a smelly hairy beast!


  1. the silent observer · March 20, 2011



  2. psychopneuma · March 20, 2011

    >@the silent observerThank you =D


  3. Mohonish Chakraborty · March 21, 2011

    >ha ha! i liked the johnny bravo part!


  4. dhaneshspeaks · April 1, 2011

    Heard it from the horse’s mouth. Only a girl can pull this off mind you. It is a social kamikaze move if a guy dares to confront a girl with her looks or dressing.

    Also a small question why do all girls hate hot and thin girls? I mean they are often categorized as vixens, but if they in return call the culprit chubby(excessive exo-skeleton) all hell breaks loose.

    I wrote something about this titled “Cusps of vanity”, would like to know your take on it.

    Keep writing!


    • psychopneuma · April 1, 2011

      I wouldn’t mind a presentable person(guy/girl) advising about dressing. It makes sense at that point actually. About hot and thin girls, well thin is mostly a body type and I don’t see a reason to hate a shape…(never remembered saying during geometry “omg I hate triangles but I love rectangles =.=) and as far as hot is concerned mostly it’s the attitude that comes along with it, although of course there are exceptions =)


      • dhaneshspeaks · April 1, 2011

        At my previous work place, my cubicle was surrounded by 3 aunties and a pretty girl. I actually felt sorry for the amount of bitching that would go on.

        That is when i discovered the wonder of death metal /m\. Wouldn’t it be nice if every one subscribes to your thought of shape doesn’t matter.

        Then i could actually pull off a paunch.


        • psychopneuma · April 1, 2011

          AH! the aunty bitching!!! Well, at least you’re prepared for apocalypse now 😉


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