Word A Mouth, No Load On Head.

We all speak crap from time to time.

Crappy jokes.
Crappy comments.
Amazing sarcastic comments which aren’t understood by anyone and hence turn crappy.

But, the crappiest ones are the ones which give you a gag reflex worse than a shot of Castor oil would.

You wish you could make them go mute, turn the words back, maybe shut your ears


punch ’em in the face hard enough for it to turn inside out (whose crap-talking now, bitch!)

But, sadly punching is not always an easy or possible option. How am I suppose to punch my professor who is going to be grading my papers?

Or punch my frog mouth “friend” who is too thin to be size 0?

Here is one incident.

Frog Mouth Female: So you are all dressed up eh…party?

(She has forgotten my bday, but I didn’t invite her for the party so I don’t bother to remind.)

Me: hmmmmm *smiles*

(Somehow, frog mouths never want you to talk much, sometimes not even a word.)

FMF: So, you hair looks less than before, what happened?

(LESS?????I am 20, wtf makes you think I’d be balding!)

ME: You mean short right? I cut it.

FMF: Yea, that only, less it looks.

(Yeeeeah, puh-tey-toh, puh-tuh-toh.)

While this was just a self-exhibition of the epitome of a moronic speech, there are moments when you get an altogether different perspective towards a person’s sense of reasoning. Even the most perceptive people sometimes end up giving remarks that could leave you puzzled.

When talking about usual crap while me and 6 of my friends crammed up in a car meant for 4, there came a point when we started talking about sex discrimination.
We were talking about how our parents from time to time favor our male siblings especially when it comes to the future thinking of how a male heir is most important to take forward the family name and money. Thankfully that has never been the case when it came to our education which is a great deal.

At this moment, one of my otherwise reasonable friend made a statement that left me astound.

“Its not important that our parent’s provide equal education, the equal property provision matters more.”

Maybe she meant it. Maybe or rather most probably it came out in the heat of the conversation.

Statements made in an impulse leave deep impressions, good or bad. They are the ones heard more acutely than the usual conversational colloquial.

But then, there are moments like the next one which make u realize ignorance is bliss.

(After a fight with my friend for interfering in a serious argument between me and another guy and apologizing on my behalf even though it wasn’t my fault)

Stupid Friend: Hey I am really sorry for what happened that day.

Me: It doesn’t matter. You knew that guy was wrong but you had to take his side and bring me to tears.

SF: Which is why I am apologizing to you now. I realized I was wrong.

Me: Took you three days for that?Why didn’t you apologize that day or next day?

SF: I know. I should have. I am bad with words. I didn’t know what to say then.

(I don’t know what to say now!)



  1. Deguide · March 19, 2011

    >Sorry, thank you are two words that wins friends and enemies over Lolz


  2. Kunal · March 19, 2011

    >Liked the adjectives used by you for your friends.. 🙂 Nice way to narrate incidents.. loved your blog.. keep blogging..http://www.kunalchichkar.com


  3. psychopneuma · March 19, 2011

    >@DeguideI agree. But doesn't work after a speech of absurdity. The mind already goes numb with shock to decipher anything further =P


  4. psychopneuma · March 19, 2011

    >@KunalThank you =)


  5. Red Handed · March 20, 2011

    >Some people just go BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH and you nod your head and keep saying within SHUTUP SHUTUP SHUTUP SHUTUP.Pwahaha…well writen and beautifully expressed. sometimes friends or the stupid frnds realize thr mistakes so late that the sorry doesnt mean a thing. Sometimes you just know they are stupid enuff to repeat it again.bumped into ur post on indiblogger. you hav earned a followr. shower some comments on my blog. m kinda new in here 🙂


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