Brutal Hands, Dead Soul

Empty streets, gone is the blue as I walk alone following my shadow. A little fear because no one is near and I am walking all alone.

One body, one shadow, why do I feel there are more?

I turn around, to the light cadence of footsteps but no one is near.

Am I just paranoid because I am alone or is this a warning for the storm that anticipates some danger?

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Tame Those Talons

It’s been more than a month that we had a sleepover.

So this time we are all ecstatic with joy to be “spending the night” together.
So as we are on each other (now now, ease on imagination) fighting, pushing and of course “pillow-fighting”,¬†one my friend’s nails scratched, dug and uprooted the scales of my skin.Which brings me to think about, what purpose exactly do long nails serve? Read more