‘Re’-public ‘Re’-visited

I love Republic day. Its the most patriotic time of the year. Most patriotic because unlike Independence day, no flags are expelled into drains and around garbage cans(Its India, things do not fall inside the garbage cans. If it does, its just a lucky shot) which were once swayed into the pride-filled air at daybreak.

I love how the society turns on loud music on the one day when I get a break from my drudging monotonous college which starts at the crack-of-dawn(For someone who gets up at 11 in the morning, 8 is the dawn).

Although I do get the patriotic zealousness, but what I do not get is blaring of deafening noise right from 7 am in the morning. For someone who is sleep deprived almost permanently striking a holiday is much more exciting than striking a bunch of gold, so I am sorry if I am not on the same page of patriotism as my other fellow Indians.

Whats more interesting is how “desh ke veer jawano ka” “munni badnaam hui”. Yep! that is what the transition from the blood sacrificing freedom fighters to blood sucked item girls sounds like. Its almost like a funeral turning into a frat party!

For those who do not like PDA to express their love for our country and choose to do it behind close doors there is always the idiot box. Also, this is the only or the second(one being Independence day) chance in a year that insomniacs are bestowed upon with sleep whilst watching T.V. Having said that I humbly sympathize with the doordarshan reporters who undergo deja-vu trial almost every year. If I had to pick differences between a flock of crows on a wire and a string of Republic day reruns, I am confident the former is possible.

Even so, the reporters do have their moments of capturing politicians who activate into nose digging, snoring, snorting, ear picking and almost every other chore but watching the show(who would?). Watching it for a second time is a mistake seldom would anyone commit so their actions remain unknown to them and thence repeat every year(or maybe its like a gag reflex, impossible to stop).

The one anomalous thing about watching the “patriotic programme” on T.V is the part where you can turn it off. The situation is not consistent with societal music. Perseverance is the key here. Basically I need to bear with it and think about how, right now being deaf is such a blessing! Finally the folks do get saturated of patriotism overplay and I get to have at least a peaceful evening. Jai Hind.


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