Spontaneous Decisions and Debaucherous Ladies

The decision of skipping college is never a planned one. It always happens spontaneously and its a good thing because if you do plan to skip college in advance then it will never end up in implementation.

After a marathon of alarm snoozes and the hoopla of being late for college, as I got myself ready and just when I was good to go, my friend messages me:

“Hey i don’t feel so good. I’m skipping college today.”

uh oh.

So now, my friend isn’t going to college, the next day is anyways a holiday(republic day Jai hind! Jai holiday!). I did my math.
Spending the whole day at home is such a pain when you have a whining sibling who is incidentally on pins and needles the moment you help yourself to the computer.(I totally regret my decision now)
I held my horses and withstood the remaining day while being impatiently patient about the evening.

Evenings are always good. Meeting up with friends, those as jobless as you are and spending the time pondering, analyzing, seriously discussing about all kinds of shit topics in the world and giving passing-by strangers the impression that we are into a serious discussion.

Today we decided to play badminton for a change. As we got out our racquets and a shuttlecock, which looked like it was charged with execution by skinning(we being the executioners, skinning prematurely half done) we started playing on a side road giving up the lawn to the kids(we are really nice people. Besides they didn’t look like kids.They were almost as tall as us and looked mean). Eventually they were done playing when it was their curfew time(Kids!) and we took over the lawn(hah!).

Life is a bitch.

The wuthering cock withered(all the puns in the world intended). After great efforts we eventually succeeded in replacing it with a new shuttlecock.(going to the shop, impatiently waiting for the shopkeeper to stop her shit work and freaking hand us the shuttlecock, enjoying an ice-candy)

Like is said, Life is a bitch.

The new, brand new shuttlecock, whose label however gave away at first hit, flung across the air and magically jumped into the balcony of the first floor. Its like Grim Reaper was hovering over us waiting to kill our badminton game. We got back to playing with the defective cock(hell, no pun intended!!!) while waiting for the fellow on the first floor to get back home. Of course, he never did.

Then a few puberty-stricken girls walked towards us exclaiming how the female in that apartment is shuttlecock-hungry.

You won’t get the shuttlecock now even if they are home.

But there are three of ’em lying on the balcony.

The lady doesn’t give cocks in the evening.

(oh really)Why not?

She is just mean.She will only give in the morning and maybe noon if she is in the mood.

(are we talking about the same thing?) uh.ok.


  1. Kunal · March 19, 2011

    >ha ha ha ha.. brilliant.. amazing humour in every line you have written.. loved your style of writting.. You made me revisit my days in India.. want to read more from you now..


  2. psychopneuma · March 19, 2011

    >@KunalThank you =D


  3. microgaming slots · April 11, 2011

    I’ve never learned so much from any other blog. Enjoyed reading this today.


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