Involuntary Muscles

Knowing my onions about sleep, I can say that waking up from it always makes me fight through the pain. If waking up wasn’t bad enough there is walking away from the bed which is a herculean task! To rid myself of any sleepiness or grogginess there is always the good ol’ newspaper. From political indiscretions to theft to every thing that happens around the world almost everyday and which gradually seems to border upon like a regular schedule like brushing or bathing(may not be regular under specific circumstances), somehow the journalists always manage to make them sound brand new.

In spite of its regularity the one issue(crime,sin whatever you call it) that always shocks, disgusts and abases me is rape. This is no issue alien to any. Although countries like U.S have strict laws against rape and consider the situations under which the alleged is charged with rape, countries like our own do little towards protecting their women.

With the education of women being low due to poverty and male domination, many girls and women do not even understand the laws or even basics like differences between molestation and rape. Many a times rape cases in my city itself have either been dismissed by the court or have pardoned the criminals with minimum punishment due to claims of lack of evidence(that is just so political!).The other times, society(read:men) has slammed the women responsible for “bringing this upon themselves” due to salacious clothing. If that is so how do they wish to explain rape cases involving 12 year old or ten year old or 18 month old girls!

In countries like U.A.E or KSA committing rape is considered a heinous crime and is granted with a death penalty. Even so, the Qatif girl rape case in mid 2006, one which created major uproar had a different verdict on the criminals. Initially the girl was charged with 90 lashes for meeting a man with neither blood nor law relation in isolation. Since this is considered a crime in Saudi the court carried out the necessary steps. But when it came to convicting the criminals(7 men who repeatedly raped her) the court did not impose death penalty claiming lack of evidence. Later on, the judicial system increased the victim’s punishment by claiming she had an extra-marital affair(now, they had evidence for that). Finally the king intervened(yeah =\) due to media attention and pardoned her while giving the impression that he forgave her of her crimes. Those involved in protecting and advocating the victim were slammed and banned in the name of attracting media attention. Even the family and the husband of the victim who supported her(rare in rape cases) were put under surveillance by the moral police and had their phones tapped. Surprisingly, or not, many rape cases experience the same fate.What was important here and in every other rape case is the right punishment of the rapist.

When under world media attention, many other countries chose to criticize this topic and claimed that is the result of Islamic roots and followings. I somehow, beg to differ. African countries and even our own do little towards taking action against commitment of such crimes. Its not the religion but the insignificant importance towards female protection, rights and respect.

The world is no disneyland. What is done against the wrong is what counts.

It is humanly impossible for a woman to not stand in the shoes of a rape victim and imagine the abhorrent memories she is damned with. Being a woman, it really gets my goat to hear obstinate, sexist and misogynistic men talk about how women bring rape upon themselves by their own indecencies in attitude and/or attire. Its rape. Some one touched me without my consent. He needs to be punished rightfully. No matter what the relationship is. period.

If a man cannot keep it in his pants or considers it as an involuntary muscle, he and he alone has to pay the price for it and not the woman whose existence has been asphyxiated as a result of it.


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