Did you come here to workout?

Gym-ming became a prevalent routine in the recent times. And like every other Indian who although live a healthy life, mistaken themselves to be fat and join the gym,  I too followed suit. It was a mistake. A humongous mistake. Especially because I am a female specie who joined a unisex gym. Now if you are under the impression that men workout in gyms exclusively for the purpose of mounting, intensifying, multiplying bouts of muscles and donning the image of incredible hulk(the green color is implicit btw, after all, what color do you think you would turn into by lifting weights as heavy as big show himself?) then your wrong! They enter gyms to gossip(shocking!.__.),ogle at the opposite sex (or same), exhibit their ‘hulkness’ in front of them and at rare moments to workout.

Being a mumbaitee and being gawked at almost every place including stations, roads, while strolling in a park.

The gym doesn’t stand any exception.While you are sweating it out vigorously, the men will hover around like the men hovering around an item girl during an item song, and if your not the kind of female who loves being looked at by a gazillion men at the same time, this is terribly nerve-wrecking. Whats more is when trainers(who posses barrels of fat around their tummy and barrels of muscles around their arms along with chicken legs) indulge in pep talks with you while ‘advising’ you about the ‘profitable’ exercises.

In case your a fan of music coalition along with our workout….get your own FREAKING music player! Never ever take the dreading decision of exercising to the gym’s music. You could end up working out to some of govinda’s jiggy wiggies!

My verdict: get a few weights home, the equipments are anyways a waste and a little dose of Ramdev baba’s stints always give a funny workout.



  1. Vyankatesh · March 19, 2011

    >Quite an interesting insight!!Seems like gyms are moving from being places of exercises to being place for socialization and beyond.


  2. Kunal · March 19, 2011

    >lol.. which part in mumbai did you go for gym.. But i guess the same is true in UK gyms as well.. you will find these kind of ogling species everywhere..I like your writing style.. keep blogging


  3. psychopneuma · March 19, 2011

    >@VyankateshSocialization?yesBeyond? Hell lot!


  4. psychopneuma · March 19, 2011

    >@KunalChecking out is one thing and staring while sweat drops reach the end of the chin and drop down on the floor is "kinda"(i mean hell lot)gross!and thankyou =D


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