Draft Beer, Not People

Coming from a slightly conservative and highly Indian family, alcohol remains a beverage of controversy and its consumption or the interest towards it. Of course following that advice would be like giving curiosity a roundhouse kick! So i went ahead with my experimentation skills which resulted in bouts of tasteful results without having an inkling about certain people and their attitude towards alcohol.



Take for instance this incident I once experienced

while planning a college trip

X (boy): This trip is going to be awesome!

Y (boy): Yeah, and with the cold we can drink away to glory! Hail beer!

Me: Actually we should have wine or vodka or maybe rum that would be fun and help in the cold.

X and Y(in unison): WHAT? omg! u drink?
(No, I just happen to know names and say them out loud to sound cool .__.)

It is still puzzling to me how alcohol can give people goosebumps much bigger than exorcists or zombies. Deciding whether to drink or not is eventually a personal decision and as much as forcing a teetotaler into drinking is bad, earmarking someone as an alcoholic without knowing their consumption limit is nothing charming and respectful.
Here’s an insight towards what exactly consumption limit means:

The Health Drinker(limited drinking capacity and effort to look cool is hidden under the skin of “I drink smart”)
The Social Drinker(“I don’t wanna get drunk ’cause i might end up blurting out what i truly feel about u” …and that won’t be nice..at all)
The Occasional Drinker(” I drink on occasions only. Like birthdays, anniversaries, break-ups(yeah thats an occasion), weddings, new jobs, casual meetings, blah, blah, blah…)
The Regular Drinker(“I just need a reason to drink, is that too much to ask?)
The Alcoholic(“I get drunk and do crazy stuff and torture people and puke every 10 minutes and then apply for kidney or liver transplant”)

So Is there a possibility that the first one could turn into the last one?A 100% yes!
But some on the last stage of drinking is already on the verge or has crossed the line of a psychotic break and at that point alcoholism isn’t primordiale.
But not indulging in a pleasure because it could turn into pain doesn’t make any sense.
Why do then people fall in love or invest(Oh,calm down!) or most importantly eat spicy food when they know what awaits them ante meridiem. What is most annoying is teetotalers(losers haha) stereotyping every homo sapien sapien who consumes alcohol.
At a friend’s recent party

X (nondrinker):They are going to drink?

Me:yea,i might get a cocktail too.

(When she was offered a beer by someone who had no knowledge of her anti-drinking emotions)

X :OMG, take that away from me! I don’t want to touch it eeew!

Guess, Shrek doesn’t feel he is the ugliest one alive anymore.


  1. Anurag · December 24, 2010

    >wow man u write sooo good….superb rewas interesting to read


  2. Red Handed · March 20, 2011

    >Hah!!! Funny!!


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